Microsoft website

For users of Microsoft products I feel it is a good idea to go on their website often. Using computers for families comes with some issues. You can find you have a fake browser or have virus issues though If you know some simple procedures such as backup for system files or system restore than computer store trips are a thing of the past. I use Malware bytes a free service to scan and remove virus’ though I will perform a system restore with a restore date as far back as I can afterwards. The Malware bytes will delete the bad files from your computer. It is a good idea to have in a safe place the discs your computer came with or preferably a restore stick which works much easier. A restore stick you simply plug-in to your computer and follow the steps to have your computer back to factory. No guessing or YouTube tutorials to get you back up. It was recommended by Dell!


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Google Android

Myself I have been using smart phones for many years without learning how to use them. In the last year I have begun working on becoming savvy with computer and smart phone. I like my cheap Android and now have sort of integrated device use by researching those subjects at the library. I now have purchased books on Android and have become sort of savvy with my smart phone and now I’m looking into Google so I can customize my online experience. If you are on your phone or computer a lot you should look into not only safe banking but customize your experience. You will benefit if you do the work. If you have kids try to be up on what they do on the phone laptop etc. and books give your more information than the web. Trust me. I have done some research.

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5000 subscribers

Right now I intend on publishing soon the links to posters of content relevant to which I would like to accomplish online. I am more conservative in viewpoint and do have some supporters of my own though I sometimes connect with stronger focus groups and bloggers in the USA. I have some Republican linked supporters which have looked into various topics for me personally. I don’t like those which cause international harassment to  anyone so  I publish content on bullying, and I don’t publish some things I know which are in the works on the other side of the Can/USA border. Another topic which hits home for me is identity theft which I know is being looked at by the USA as a way of dealing with matters of crime and terrorism. It is a networked topic in Canada and the USA which could  affect immigration matters on both sides of the border. I hope you have a good day and wish me on the journey to 5000 subscribers.

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Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself



To run in politics without controversy would mean there wasn’t a campaign or a vote. I feel right now the current elected governments in Canada or USA would be facing opposition mostly by those that don’t like any voting system to become a leader or ruler. Canada is going to face it alone I guess by tackling immigration by eliminating polygamy supported agenda. That seems like a good position to take considering we are dealing with bride sell-offs around the globe and taking in family members of those that sell. We are not big enough of a country to handle all UN issues and the US doesn’t feel they are either that is why we have war and we shouldn’t be stuck in the middle. I wish you well and have an excellent day!

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Legal Help for Bullied children

Those families facing bullying issues which go unresolved by contacting your child’s teacher, immediate supervisor’s of the teachers or school board should possibly consider this. I have not consulted with anyone in the Conservative Party about this though I feel support could  be possible. Facing a general election in 2015 with little funding possible from Canadians because of election funding rules could be a backdoor for families resolving issues.

Teachers are facing parents of bullies alone that have legal funding to go against teachers directly. Bully parents can scare school staff into not making good decisions for the security of children or even buildings which could face more harm than simple graffiti tags. Make a request to every possible MP which is Conservative of  redirecting some funding towards a legal advisory team which could have some time donated by lawyers in the Party which sympathize with Canadians. Any document provided by bully families as well as documentation which rests with the school staff and school board could be reviewed by the legal advisors. After a while documentation and plans which work could be implemented by school staff as well as the RCMP to avoid more school related deaths.

If faced with this much activism teachers the teachers union and support staff unions bus drivers etc. may jump-in. I am guessing this could turn the tide against many issues facing families. Bullies are extremists with an outlet in youth programs as evidenced with the Graham James case and any child pornography case or even possibly slave cases reported with foreign embassy immunity cases right here in Canada.

I may face some troubles myself for mentioning ways of handling parent extremism as well as mentioning foreign gangs targeting youth here in Canada…

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Microsoft Office

Yesterday by looking up topics I found there are more advanced review methods of your writing on Word etc. You can look up how to know things such as reading level of your work or word count paragraph count etc. on Word using Review than options. If you research writing topics often you may possibly become a writer without requiring much editing. Have an excellent day!

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Party Updates

To keep abreast of Conservative Party news/events than subscribe to newsletters such as Stephen Harpers updates or Party updates and possibly become a member so that you have a party vote. I like to receive updates even from US gov. sites so that I know what is going on which affects Canadian policy. I just have to click on my e-mail updates from my e-mail accounts on my Android. Becoming politically involved can start like that.

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Stephen Harper

Anyone that feels that their concerns aren’t being addressed send an e-mail to Stephen Harper who lists himself as a political activist. This means that though the Conservative Party of Canada has a majority here there still isn’t enough participation from all levels of government or possibly provincial or federal government employees. Red tape is sometimes do to not updating forms and publications procedures etc. when there is policy or party change. He will listen and take into consideration advice and suggestions when direct contact is made.

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National Socialism

I don’t really believe the NDP would as a whole dishonour a fallen soldier. I believe their leader is responding to keep National Socialists from taking over media policy for the federal party. If you look at the article by copy paste of the link information into your address bar I don’t think any other party is doing more than taking a different view than the conservative viewpoint. It must be hard to stand your ground when citizens of your country are attacked through twitter Facebook and in school hallways while under adult supervision. I have enough information to offer a campaign to anyone involved in sports or childcare that will do what their position is supposed to demand. Even if faced with bullying blackmail or threats…

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Congratulation’s to PC Alberta

We have a chance with the new leadership as do anyone living in the Western World. We can tackle issues of global impact by fixing community issues here as well as possibly opening discussions of World War 2 topics and ending false innuendo which is rampant and never properly addressed.

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Stephen Mandel

Mostly I  blog on here with a viewpoint I list as Conservative to develop topics of security or political support for the Conservative party. Bullying is one topic I list on here which does come up in the media daily under many different disguises mostly without cures offered. I volunteered a little bit for Stephen  Mandel and I hope to see him elected in his riding Edmonton-Whitemud. I may return to officiating in amateur sports within the year as well to bring some of my experience to Alberta. Anyone that wishes to follow my blog keep in mind that like Stephen Harper I list myself as a political activist. Overcoming decades of false promises takes that title to task daily if a plan is on the table. I feel a plan is developing in Alberta a sports province where problems get discussed and worked on towards resolution by the current leaders. In the future I hope to build a website/forum which  could handle government redtape for newcomers to Canada as well as “citizens.” Feel free to support  me in that effort if you wish to see extremism as well as corruption be handled or discussed in the media or political venues available to elected officials.


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USB storage devices

When you are ready to have your photos, and documents kept safely you  could  research it here. This company has product support where they can actually take over your computer and solve issues such as setting up a password which protects everything on your device. You can also upload any photos files etc. onto your online storage account. You  may not have to password protect every document separately if you follow their expert advice. They advised me that I could by with free shipping on Amazon the passport ultra for $109.00 includes free shipping. Slim could easily discreetly carry in my laptop bag. I would also recommend One-Drive online storage though I haven’t used it or navigated through the features much yet. Have an excellent day!

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Address bar

You should be very aware on how to know if your address bar at the top of your computer is on the correct link etc. You should get used to looking in the address bar of your browser to view the url and understand add-in information after the check mark to know if  you are safe online. as an example http://www.oceanmystic12/ is how my website should look in your computer if you have usually downloaded good information to your computer and are  not facing the issue of search redirection or virus issues. I like to buy software or original Microsoft. If paying for things online and it is a family computer than you should be aware of these topics and know how to safely remove viruses and do things like pick a good restore option or even re-install operating system by discs after saving all-files. You would then have to know how to put everything back on password protect have multiple accounts use credential manager and possibly a password safe etc. Most libraries offer computer help and if purchasing USB drives flash-drives external storage investigate and try to make sure they have the security and support such as offered by WD.

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Operating system re-installation discs

When you purchase a computer from a store brand new etc…You should be provided discs to completely reinstall everything your computer came with and to make it brand new again. They should look like original as well not just with marker ink on them detailing of information. If you buy a Dell it should be nice and clean looking with Dell logo’s etc. not just a shelf one like you use to store your own downloads etc. If it is an HP than it is the same it should look like it came directly from HP. Operating systems can be purchased now without network security keys they come in what looks like a little package such as buying an apple app etc. Make sure that when you purchase a computer that your children and you will go online with that it has all that and you know for sure how to re-install operating system to save on computer store trips for virus issues or fake browsers etc. System restore dates and how to pick one or to make one should be known by the head of the household to save on computer store trips as well as knowing what a system image is. Your USB devices or some of them should have a password option…Especially when discussing the topics of memory or data.

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Safe family resources

If you wish for your family to get into researching topics that is properly researched and cited than you can start by looking up these links listed by Google. You may wish for your children to get away from the Wiki’s if they are not getting top marks in school. Online free dictionaries are good resources for not only enjoyment but academic growth.

Sometimes those that get involved in gaming communities or network online without parental supervision when beginning to access the internet you can get the wrong start. These links were provided to me by using Google and seeing the MacAfee checkmark beside each web entry. C-engage learning which is offered for free from numerous library databases is also a good way of saving on time as well as advancing to the head of the class without spending a lot of money on tutoring. Tutoring is good if you have that resource available though.

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Internet explorer. Google chrome Ad Vice

My recommendation to anyone facing issues with bullying online or your children are then take this into consideration. Go to computer stores (more than one) and look what internet explorer and Google chrome appear like on the new computers at the store. If your browser looks different than one of those than you may wish to operate your system restore feature yourself. You could also look up on a good site like e-How on the topic of reinstalling operating system if you have the discs your computer came with. It isn’t that hard but if your computer tech is not fixing multiple issues with your computer this will save you time and money. *You would have to save your documents, files, folders, music etc… You would have to save also any new programs your computer uses to operate the way you wish. You should also as a precaution write down on a paper all network keys and passwords. You should change your passwords safely after performing these operations. In credential manager you can keep copies of your passwords which store more completely in the memory which you must update any time you make a change to a password. You can also in internet options opt to save and store passwords which will give you prompts of such. You can have a password manager which is like a safe on your computer though I am new to finding out how to use one. I research stuff like this all the time.

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Your personal Ad Visor

Internet future

I read an article which stated that the internet may end up becoming regionalized and no longer a global resource. I wouldn’t like that myself though it may not be in our hands any longer because of abuse of immigration networked individuals. Controlled immigration will become an important topic for Canadians as well as everyone should know how law goes through including how lobbyists get something through the senate. I now use mostly library database research so that I don’t pick up virus issues such as can show up first in my address bar as a fishy url. That is how I found out about search redirects. ISIS has help from savvy students that don’t know the difference between terrorism and teasing. We are losing the fight of keeping schools safe because of topics such as monitoring parents by those with weird ideas on raising children. Psychology is being taught to those without ethics. And who is in charge of helping single moms with parenting issues. Women are vulnerable in this country especially the ones which move to another city to be with men they meet online who disappear.

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Simple online tips for your families safety


There is a confirmed insurgency in Canada and the USA with a lot of support which is going to be handled by police seizing passports of those with fishy travel credentials. You may not realized how many people are not using a real web browser anymore but ones that are taken over by hackers. Here are some tips from an expert on how to protect yourself online if nowhere else.

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Good Africans/Muslims

Around Canada I have met and enjoyed the company of some very good people of almost every possible faith. I have worked online and it is the same. I have no idea where these guys come from or why people like Tarek Fateh I believe his name is would seemingly be on their side in the media. I guess radical Islam has spread to Edmonton journalism. Most Muslim’s would most likely not be supportive any sort of radicalization online or in trenches. If anyone is facing bullying by fundraisers of this sect I can advise on how to track them online or in Communities if they are stealing from your children. Obama didn’t start this it began when people began inventing lies and others republishing and believing them.

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