Editing of my blog

I will continue to post on here though every few days or so you will notice that posts get edited. If you wish to just review my personal blog which is of a politically connected personal blogger with some valid security credentials. I hope my editor will post on here a bit as well to  give me some more legitimate credentials in some fields I am interested in!

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Homeland security Hacker blackmailer…



Anyone that has ever had issues dealing with an imposter representing Homeland Security or NSA after being a customer of any US based Psychic line or outside the country on Muslim dating sites then feel free to reconnect with Homeland Security and mention my web credentials. If you feel your web identity was thefted after going online and dealing with West Coast US contacts or Possibly meeting up with anyone connected with ISIS or Iran then there is knowledge which could possibly help you available now. If you are threatened with bullying or simple breakup or loss of relationship type of threats than you can possibly have your problems resolved by a five star psychic that doesn’t accept bullying or blackmail from Western US forgers. Or local ones connected that use spy techniques picked up by those that eavesdrop on conferences. They can possibly threaten and hide behind some constitutional arguments which won’t hold up in court. Mall financing that is terror based is sometimes facilitated by work from home types that may have a hard time with life topics skimming your computer while looking for blackmail gossip etc… I do report crimes against Americans from Islamic terrorists remotely though it is now known among the mall finance crowd. Threats online to me are followed up by professionals that don’t condone illegitimate marriages to terrorists. (Proof is out there if you are a victim of heavy duty emotional threats by Those that don’t support Western Government).

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“Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself”

Confuscious- Ancient Chinese Proverb

Election volunteer diplomacy

Resume advisors or people who help immigrants and newcomers to Alberta would be valuable if they could advocate their help. It would be good to advise and coach community members who have never had advocacy by previous administrators on services such as job clubs. Taking up the slack of service providers would  be a good starting point in building a community champion for the future. Reducing newcomers’ reliance on paperwork jams or streamlining their presence in the Alberta system could be a boost to the economic potential of newcomers. Not facing the province alone could retain the soul of a person facing difficulties. Look into the Jim Prentice campaign volunteer opportunities to see where you fit-in!

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Good content


I enjoy reading National Geographic, which can be purchased in CD rom. You can also read Encyclopedia Britannica online, or World Book Encyclopedia as a DVD. I would  rather use my own software than browse online.  Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing deluxe was the first software I purchased for a computer.

I recommend using your computer’s accessories for data cleaning such as disc check, or using a paid service like Norton or MacAfee for technical issues rather than C cleaner. I don’t know if anyone out there reading my blog has had issues with free services such as C cleaner or  AVG.  Both are frequently recommended by hackers.

One suggestion from an internet provider was to use Malwarebytes.org to remove viruses from a computer, or to hook up all memory devices at the point of scanning. Remove the free Malwarebytes after cleaning your computer. E-how is a good technical advisory service, though pay  attention if you are on a featured ad or  technical article. It pays  to  be aware sometimes. Have a wonderful day!

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PDF Download

I’m beginning to work on a pdf which would be available to download from this site. It will include if I ever finish it some suggestions on safely relocating your College children to other cities for educational purposes. Canada and the USA would be the focus especially since it is more hazardous to have your children too far away considering the many world conflicts at the moment. It might take me into a new direction before beginning to work on my public forum where I would supply publications and forms for accomplishing some legal objectives. I would outline safe mail handling which is sort of easy anyways to have a post office box and everything forwarded to that as well as combining all e-mail accounts by forwarding to one such as can be handled by windows live mail or outlook. Online gaming identities are not that hard to handle though some of that should be outlined as well. If you plan on sending your children away then a year or so  before you should subscribe to Canada Post’s magazine. You can have a lot of answers from there which will prompt your questions into finding answers. I hope you have a good day and keep on subscribing.

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3000 Subscribers

Hopefully I will have 3000 subscribers by the end of the month. I am a little less than 2400 subscribers though my list of followers is growing. I would like to be a small local advocate as well as provide useful content to viewers of my blog on topics of security or possible help in having someone help with issues one goes through with online work. I am interested in seeing the Conservative party maintain their position in Alberta and Canada so that we can have good government. This is a personal blog which will be reflected in that it is not maintained by anyone other than me at the moment. Hopefully I can have a friend help me with it in the next few months.

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Magazine subscriptions

To better improve computer household security as well as knowing how to communicate as a family on such topics then consider this. If you were going to discuss those topics then research where to find the best researched gamer magazines if your children are involved in online gaming as well as possibly subscribe to magazines which could be all inclusive with the computer topics the household requires. You should research magazine subscriptions very well and have them in the name of the parents rather than purchased by the children.

I have found good content in the form of magazines rather than just going online. Print should be part of family life as well as keeping up on personal writing skills as a development topic. Writing letters in pen format is still important rather than just use spreadsheets etc…

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Your Personal Ad Visor

Pardons and US waivers

Sometimes you can see posted on Yahoo or elsewhere the advertisements for pardons or US waivers. It is kind of simple to obtain one most likely if it is not a federal sex crime on your record. If you wish to consult a pardon expert you just need to know typically what your offence record is as well as time date etc. of offence or list of offences. Some pardons can be initiated I believe three years after a conviction or possibly five years after a conviction. I am advising of this because of recent topics such as flags in the system where people are listed as terror threats or possibly suspected of criminal behaviour. Many people exist in the wrong part of the system simply for not removing their criminal history which is usually legally possible for a total cost of $2000 depending on circumstances sometimes with payment plans possible. Imagine that you could after a life of troubles remove your criminal history have cleaned up your credit have good training in career and move onto whatever goals you are interested in.

I have a plan on building a forum somewhere on the net where I can have Canadians post on topics of interest to them such as legal topics or where to find help on subjects which aren’t advocated by anyone they know how to access. Finding help to problems community members can’t find on their own because of lack of legal funds internet research skills business contacts or fear of government. At some point in time I would like to become a community advocate with Conservative Party connections which I am working on achieving which is actually very easy to do since their is an open door policy with PC Alberta and the Conservative Party of Canada.

Many MP’s and MLA’s look for contact in multicultural communities in their constituencies. Having good contacts on the ground is mandatory for winning an election and if you can by-pass the negativity towards having your own contact with an official you can learn how to advance in life or even to help family members. That is most likely how strong community members got to be strong in the first place or it is possibly the only recommended legal way of doing so without facing too much red tape. I will keep updating my skills of research on the local level or on the internet until I have this blog updated with editing and more professionalism with the hopes of building my forum someday. I wish you the best!

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Bankruptcy help

If you are ever at the point in life where you enter into the process of insolvency then there are considerations to keep in mind that you would never consider if you are keeping privacy as a goal amongst friends, bosses, colleagues. You should find out who the best regulated companies are and know that for yourself really well. Nationally accredited companies which will get a higher rating with Revenue Canada if you can possibly get their recommendation or even from an honest banking official if possible could save you from many issues later on.

Private consultants that work from home or do most of their networking in small groups in public places should be avoided. You should also not use notary publics which use methods like that or you receive a recommendation for in a bar. Insolvency does sometimes become known among the wrong crowds which also can network very well if you are not advised on what can be done with your personal information. Your personal information can be used very well by people you may never meet and you should possibly have your taxes done and approved by Revenue Canada before you begin your insolvency.

If you are isolated or in the wrong crowd and possibly not by choice than you may wish to have some of your files kept with a trusted friend. You may wish to make sure you are safe online which can be hard to do if your a typical Canadian and you’re in this process. Bankruptcy information is possibly publicly available which you may not be aware of and it can be used for identity theft purposes of various kinds if you are isolated by distance or networking such as job change etc. You must use the best services possible and make sure for yourself that there isn’t a conflict of interest on their part as well or if it doesn’t feel right for whatever reason. Doing your taxes first beforehand and having your own Revenue Canada contact before you begin could be a good safety factor for you to safeguard yourself from identity theft networking groups.

My best possible recommendations to not be targeted by identity thieves is to check your credit profile with Equifax once in a while like every six months keep your tax information up-to-date *even if your behind in payments* use nationally placed banks like CIBC or Scotiabank, TD, BMO etc. Credit unions could be good too though banks which don’t have their own bank machines in too many places may  not be the best choice for good service. Keep up to date on topics of finance or take a simple course or two in tax preparation or personal safety if you are isolated and seem to be taking on too many issues.

Before entering into the insolvency process you must be aware for yourself how to identify good advice. You should know the different offerings such as consolidation or proposals etc. You must also be aware of questions which you may not know if they are too intrusive or not for identity theft purposes. If you find you are being led into an agreement which will cause you to scrimp and save possibly with no end in sight then you are in the wrong agreement for sure. If you are in a nicer office where you feel safe, comfortable, respected then listen to the advice offered and if it is a good option and you are not discussing too many topics you really are most definitely safe. If it works for you over a process where it seems like you can still accomplish a list of goals and during the process of your insolvency you don’t find your life shrinking or becoming unmanageable for no reasons caused by you than you made a wise choice.

Make sure that if you get to the point where you no longer need to keep in touch with Revenue Canada during the process you feel secure and happy about surrounding situations. If you have experienced a career change with training etc. and you are in the process of many things it can look good to identity thieves where persons criminally connected can take over an identity to get their good start in life if they have some of the skills to be you. Identification gangs network without the help of MLA’s MP’s or political help from the Conservative Party, Liberal Party, or NDP. You can face a lot of scrutiny or blackmail possibly with intrusive new friends if you have things such as security licencing firearms training clean or pretty good criminal history or political standing. If you have an online identity which could be good for you to simply move again or relocate for some other groups purpose such as a US bank account or you have had a student status in the US or good border crossing potential than just be advised that you use good insolvency experts and long time trusted friends do know where you are.

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Protecting your children

Some things for parents to be aware of are not only tracking your children’s online hobbies or simply having discussions with them to keep aware of their lives. You can possibly more easily keep track if your kids are ok by keeping up-to-date on local style trends or national themes in dress code for members of online groups that network more than others. For example a national trend caused by the groups who actively protest in outdoor activities is causing clothing trends among youth.

You can witness news clips of student protests in Quebec which  might not have been inspired by Quebecers though it caused many disruptions for those wishing to see their children attend school. You could possibly do your research on Yahoo news searching out clothing trends among Canadian youth since the styles being adapted here are not the same as in the US. You may have to do some research this way rather than worrying too much about how to know if your children are doing drugs or if you are not doing your job. If you know the trends children have to watch out for to be in the groups you wish them to not join and where the clothes are offered for sale than blacklist the stores which sell those items. Possibly even the malls which attract the groups which go there as well.

There are other potential dangers among youth networking other than drugs nowadays. You might not be able to see the trend if you work shift work or if your dating as a single parent though if you keep up-to-date on heated politics which are more dangerous to Canada the more left centered political opponents may be using underhanded youth networking. Online games have been used by adult predators public events get taken over by drugged looking youths violence happens in public places where children of all ages congregate parents lose track of where their kids are sometimes. I hope to build a forum someday if I develop my online skills more where Canadians and new Canadians can get forms and publications as well as some legal questions answered or possibly pointed in the right direction of where to find help. It can be  a runaround to find legitimate help even if you start in a provincial office or federal one. You have to know too much sometimes to begin or what would be a waste of time before beginning your search. It is sometimes better to start by going to a local advocate such as MLA or start at a school counselling session or even possibly library counselling or legal sessions than job centers. Reading brochures can become false hope when looking jobs or job programs if you are experiencing networking issues in your city.

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Volunteer for Jim Prentice campaign

I have registered as a  volunteer for Jim Prentice so that I can sell memberships for PC Alberta. I am strongly centered Conservative Canadian with a long interest in moving to Alberta which I did. I work in transportation where I hope to build my career. I am posting a link in my sidebar so that you can view Jim’s website.

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Editing This blog

It looks like I may receive some help possibly with editing for this my sort of personal blog. If that does take place than I can spend some time searching for content relevant to Psychics that like to learn how to obtain skills for Psychic protection or safe online networking. I would like to see professional Psychics get away from using insecure methods of communication as well as stop using poorly researched  information from sites like Wikipedia. It isn’t hard to use better information available through library technology.

Social media which can be quoted with citations is more accurate I believe by using services such as Yahoo news or National news websites. I like using BNN if I was to mention a current event related to finance or use WSJ online. I subscribe to WSJ online off ‘n’ on though not at the moment.

If you wish to obtain highly accurate information to build your psychic reputation than look up digital content at your library for better browsing. You would find your mind become clearer than ever when you connect to truth based information than clips of information which turn you away from long term hobbies or interests. For sake of expanding on that comment I will say that wasting time on websites which derive their quoted information beginning their circuitous internet route with http://www.globalresearch.ca/ your mind will bend in the wrong direction especially if you find the information exciting somehow. You may wish to look up the word extremism or possibly fallacy to put that website in a proper category.

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examples of a real search engine URL

Real Google URL examples



If you return to your home page which is Google it should come up like that if it is a search page. When there is more information after the / forward slash then you are being redirected. Please if you research this topic further that in your internet options it should look like that as well. It shouldn’t need add-in characters even if recommended on chat forums.

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When making decisions for family members brochures are not the seal the deal information. You must research everything you need to do or the possible whatever’s when moving family members long distance for any reason. If changing jobs make sure you really know your doing a smart move. Local or regional government offices will not do the research for you though you may find some information. It looks like I recently saw an article which says something to the effect of most people aren’t finding the information they properly request under the freedom of information act.

So remember it is not like the days of old when you had to fear the government because you may need to be almost your own official on occasion. You can do this possibly if you have the tools of internet research as well as how to safely handle documents as well as how to safely store your documents with password protected storage and handle your own computer security. Sites like E-how.com are good for computer related issues which may keep you safer online by fixing your own software issues.

Checking your Wi-Fi security could be a good topic once-in-a while to keep up-to-date on. Other topics are DATA or knowing where the folders on your computer are or possibly even system information. I hope the Conservative government can pass the legislation they wish to because they seem to be on track with not just placing bad labels on people but using information from legitimate authority rather than using former hackers on internet safety.

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Bad content (bullying)

If you ever wondered how extremely brilliant arguments you’ve had with individuals that can quote argue bully and make you feel dumb happen. Individuals that steal your children’s glory or your very own may possibly be distributing garbage information which they can reference and cross reference from many sources with ease. You may feel overwhelmed when dealing with information experts like that but dangerous content is out there I can publish a dangerous site URL here that makes everyone look bad that uses it.

*Warning- Bad Website listed below*


*Warning- Bad Website listed above*

This is an example of content that people that won’t work to pay bills that could possibly be interfering in the economy of legitimate business. I don’t like dealing with an argument caused by users of web information like this. I personally would rather use data-base research verified through standard library techniques rather than the buyer beware method of just Googling it. I personally like Yahoo for my social media searching which is more family friendly and not so hard on the stars.

If I use MSN I seem to have more computer issues as if I had been using Skype. At one time I went from being listed as number 140 in the featured listings of Keen.com to being number 1 for a very low cost by advertising for $5.00-$12.00 per day. On Google I couldn’t ever have accomplished that. I do get good information through Google though it can sometimes be too broad of an internet search with possibly less safety.

It looks like most information that gets pulled up in searches when you just use a search engine is most viewed content rather than best-researched. That is why if you watch over your children’s online use data-base searching will help develop them more in a positive way. Spending hours a day on a computer will not harm a child unless it is the blurry vision stuff if they work in this manner.

Joining a networked library with good data-base or digital content will overcome much of the issues online users have. You may wish though to visit the library yourself to know which one you wish your children to visit. It is not in the best interests of family members to just get recommendations by sources that just browse online. Face-to-face contact with those that administer city programs is necessary to be seen and not heard parents.

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Work in Saudi Arabia

Before signing contracts to work in Dubai Saudi etc. check with those countries first if there embassy officials endorse your contract providers. I believe Saudi and Dubai can work legitimately in Canada and the USA though many scams can be hard to place unless you deal with an embassy itself early in the process.

If you are in the process of finding a good job in North America you may wish to start there rather than getting involved in foreign contract work unless you have known people that have worked with those contractors. Being referred by beautiful new friends when you feel uncomfortable shouldn’t be too scary to perform a little more research yourself.

I believe every contractor or company that does international hires for Dubai or Saudi can be located quite easily. Job ads may not reflect the real thing sometimes so beware. Right now Canadian or American identification can be important to foreign businesses or scammers from here.

Saudi Arabia is known for hiring Canadians and Americans that never have issues. They also try to attain the highest of standards for their children in education. They hire teachers all the time on contract. You may wish to contact teachers that have worked overseas in a country your researching. Union jobs here are looking pretty good now that big contracts are opening up in oil and gas on both sides of the border with the new pipelines.

Maybe look at expanding your career options here first than taking a look outside of North America. I am kind of curious if anyone knows of any issues related to going on vacations which advertise all-inclusive to China with Mainland destinations priced from Edmonton International starting from $299.00 Canadian. I most likely couldn’t fly to Winnipeg for that price let alone be all inclusive. I did notice the advertisements in the Epoch times which seems to be a local Edmonton paper which publishes revolutionary ideas. I hope the travel industry does regulate ads for vacations which aren’t registered with Canadian authorities.

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ACN (avoid using this service or users of this service)

You should check out RipOffReport which is on my sidebar and look things like ACN or Hamas to know why you have internet scams in your neighbourhood. Users of this service may also sometimes network like cults which go un-noticed except for when groups like the Boston Bombers etc. have some success. ACN is a recommended tool for avoiding being recognized online by extremist groups like Anonymous which do inform on others until caught in fake government scams such as work-from-home setups for single mom’s or work out of country never to return. etc.

Some things to report to authorities are when you notice vehicles pulled to the side of the road with occupants texting or using their laptop or devices. If you wouldn’t invite those occupants to the home beware of soliciting of children online or at school or parks etc. Banning unregistered internet service providers could possibly reduce groups from performing their workings unnoticed.

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Infiltrating online gangs

One way of forming a community group to infiltrate online gangs is to acquire the website information or necessary download lists a computer needs to be actively posting or safely downloading the illegal content. Once there your group can form a network where  you find out how people acquire the information to find out who may possibly be a legitimate  witness on cases which protect children directly or indirectly. The online gangs already have that and work to invalidate everything they know by discrediting them through community action of their own. If you find connections between them then focus there and rightly so when you find people who falsely portray themselves as gov. connected then you are most likely being identified as a target. Invalidation of witnesses in big sex cases starts by connecting discredited witnesses in statements which will be overwhelming to anyone on a witness list. I love Canada but there is so much community involvement in law that anyone who is legitimate will face foreign embassy unregistered staff even if they never request to do so for any purpose. Recently as an example immunity was a local topic where an embassy official in Canada of a foreign country was caught with a slave in their home. That was found out but the family of slave owners was allowed I believe to stay immune. That may usually go unreported in most countries though I believe Canada usually tries to have some transparency into slavery cases. The slave trade which operates through asia and Canada and may include involvement in cases in the US where women are found to be hostages in homes for decades. I believe some of these major cases are still coming out because of the NHL doing their part or even honesty in the Catholic community.

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Private Investigation (Child bullying)

If there is continuous bullying of your child at school or on the internet I will most likely be posting on how to prevent this from advancing into tragedy very soon. There is relevance to the current party leadership of PC Alberta and Conservative Party of Canada which is inspiring. You will find out on here where you could possibly form a community group to attack child bullying where it originates rather than your children’s school frustrating you because of legal changes in the last few decades.

Stay at home never having ever worked before parents used to be called by different names and I am not saying single mothers that our Canadian government responsibly admires. Sex offenders that remain unregistered because of things like bullying children online or encouraging other children to attack your good children is a topic which should be mentioned more often. Single mom’s are not in a position to protect their children with the level of hostility and illegal drugs like Crystal Meth unregistered sex offenders are supplying to mean kids.

Current laws which need to be passed to protect online identities our government is looking into are being picked up as topics in European countries which are NATO members in good standing. The US is offering to protect DATA of Europeans now which is necessary because of the current stand-off. If you pay attention to these topics you can see the individuals who may be going online hurting your children when the US is getting involved in relevant topics which countries known as friendly spies couldn’t protect DATA.

If anyone knows of any community sites where I could post the relevant sites they would wish to protect their children or families from I have a list of them. If anyone wishes to know how to identify areas where not to make friends online with I have a few of those as well that also threaten blackmail on occasion and don’t understand at first those that don’t roll that way.

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Going online to look at customer reviews of technology can lead you in the right direction towards saving on necessary technology. I kept looking up SD cards which are used as memory for devices such as cameras or cell phones if I am posting on this topic correctly. I went on numerous websites after consulting a few people in local technology stores. I went online and looked up princess auto to view the SD cards which is a favorite store of mine though exact product or pricing information wasn’t available on their site. I went on numerous other sites but surprisingly Wal-Mart was a good buy for the 64 GB SD card I saw from the manufacturer. Less than $40.00 for an Android compatible SD card looked good. I hope to obtain one at that price and begin storing music on my android rather than pay for data all the time. I may not trend on things since my posted topics are a little behind the times but older generation individuals may find some interesting things on my site or those interested in topics of family security.

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