Spiritual wisdom I have heard and really believed in

I read some very profound spiritual wisdoms as well as the complete reverse in life. The main thing to consider as I sum it up is that spiritual wisdom is in the seeking not the final result. If it ended one day then it is mostly do to lack of faith in the eternal well being of humanity. I have strived to believe in dark moments when that is all there was for me one more day. I have gotten past those moments without help from the so-proclaimed loved ones and found the people I felt closer to me were the ones I found eyes of faith. You may never give up yourself if the ones surround you would not as well. Love and beauty is there for anyone that seek their own. I hope you have a good day!

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Your Personal Ad Visor



Updated information. Check-out my Political Commentary Page

A  professional Psychic is not a medical ad visor so if you get too much information on  buying drugs online outside of practitioner advice then use this link to check out your prescriptions. http://www.webmd.com/drugs/index-drugs.aspx Doctors are the professionals but people are doing some out of office referrals which could jeopardize your health. I would speak to a doctor about medical issues when they arise and a Psychic if I have some types of spiritual issues but possibly not everything. I was never the best online or in the fairs though I did do quite well.

Once in a lifetime readings of tremendous proportions are in the life of every legitimate professional psychic. I have outdone myself sometimes and receive low marks on other occasions. I hope that you receive the best that life offers with some greater glory beyond what  you have on your visible horizon at this moment. I often attain good things which mix in with the other aspects life throws in. Please keep me in mind as I wish you the best.

Jacob OM 12

Protect your passwords

One way of protecting your passwords is to save them on a stick (flash-drive) you can have them saved on your Microsoft word document with the document password protected. You would only really need to use the same password you use for your computer to gain access. It would then be really easy to access all the passwords you use for all your online activity. You should save as much information on each online account as you can possibly save. (to use your passwords it is highlight with your mouse then Ctrl C, Ctrl V.) You may need it if you ever get locked out. You may wish to use all the account recovery procedures offered by the providers.

Please don’t use fishy e-mail accounts which offer virus protection downloads etc. If you have virus protection on your computer that will be the only protection you need if your online safely. mail.com is a fishy account! You can have all your accounts being forwarded to one e-mail account that you open under your windows mail or outlook etc…

I will keep updating my simple basic content as often as I can. I am not a computer professional though I have some qualifications in security as well as some competence in online ad vice. I hope you add me as a favorite on here!

Jacob OM 12

Medical questionaires/Life insurance

It would be very hard for you to obtain many insurance offerings benefits etc. if you answer all questions given to you by insurance and medical providers unless you are a trained medical provider. I would first make sure that if you are to answer the questions required that you are provided a statement of what they will be and you are advised by a medical professional you trust on how to answer them to qualify for improved medical benefits insurance etc. You must realize that if you are ever requested for medical/psychiatric history etc. in a lawsuit or criminal proceeding etc. you may have to provide that information even if you feel you are the victim rather than the perpetrator. I myself feel that you know your rights in advance of major life changes or know at what times of life those major things will affect your life. If you advance in life to the point of becoming a union member who may obtain high levels of insurance credit or obtain major purchases such as home etc. You will need to know those things because not all financial providers will protect you the way you assume they will. I believe you should also be able to perform most of your financial planning or participate with that on some level if you do transition to a better place in life such as union member or achieve higher standards of living. Have a good day!

Jacob OM 12

Personal security recommendations for parents

If you ever wonder how to be a good parent in giving ad vice on how to ad vise on school or neighbourhood topics involving your children then I have a few recommendations. First build confidence by attending public functions which your children are invited to or the events your community offers parents and their children. I also recommend that you read some books such as survival books occasionally which are offered by security professionals. Someone in your group of trusted friends should have  a responsible nature as well as some knowledge of home security or past connections to those topics in case you are not sure of changes in your life.

You should have someone know the topics you face in life if you feel isolated. I don’t recommend that you automatically assume that the people who give your children prescriptions know too much about your personal life. I recommend that they use medical testing such as through a lab etc. before you subscribe to giving life changing medications to your loved ones. Keep in mind that your personal life is your business mostly unless you are under a court order! The security measures I mentioned in other articles will make you aware if you are under any official scrutiny and if you are not then you have the legal right to obtain a lawyer to stop any unwanted profiling that anyone performs on you. Taking precautions like these will eliminate most needs of legal ad vice on topics which will open lawsuits against you. I am not sure if it is good and sound for me to speak of topics such as this considering how far and involved the issue of identity theft and blackmail is in our Canadian society. I hope you make the most of your day!

Jacob OM 12

Your Personal Ad Visor

Protect Yourself against some Types of Identity theft

Private investigation/Security

If you ever feel uncomfortable with statements people make about you which may make you feel that someone has something on you (bullying) then I will give you my very best way of how to resolve this! First if you are faced with bullying issues or your children are and you wish to resolve this within or outside of your community once-and-for-all. If you wish to turn the tables on those against you by yourself then you may wish to volunteer for a community organization which will require you to obtain a background check. You could also go another route such as apply to receive security training for many reasons which to receive a license may require you to pass a more complete background check.

You may wish to attend more public events and be seen more often so those who wish to make you feel isolated are publicly intrusive in more obvious ways. As you get away from those that make you feel isolated make your very own list of who is and who isn’t on your friends list and leave it with those you do trust. I highly recommend this for your own personal feelings of security. I also recommend to you that if you did get overwhelmed by those who got too far into your life then you get copies of your bills (accounts) and investments and keep them with some trusted friends.

I highly recommend to those of you who feel you could possibly go through an identity theft that when you are at stores (retail) locations etc. that you don’t just fill out the applications that get thrown at you. I don’t mean to mention any stores in particular but if you have been turned down by creditors often and you feel that you pay your bills regularly  you can contact the privacy commissioner or look up on the related sites on how to request and search your information where it is or isn’t at. I don’t know how comfortable people feel about handing over their personal information to everyone who has a clipboard asking personal questions at retail stores. Credit applications I feel are better handled at major banks or credit unions or other institutions which require employees to pass the background checks I mentioned earlier in this article.

You may wish to begin your search on this site right here to maintain your own sense of personal security in regards to your credit and personal identity. http://www.priv.gc.ca/resource/prov/index_e.asp

If you have good reason to request more than your Equifax or western union information these people and related websites could walk you through step-by-step without the use of paralegal or security legal help. You most likely would feel more empowered with a sense of confidence that you didn’t have before your concerns arose. I highly recommend that Canadians take the precautions banking officials recommend to their clients. Most likely that would be enough as long as you have enough judgement to know who you share your financial information with. I would recommend to officials and companies that when individuals handle financial information such as income tax forms documents etc. that they pass the background checks required to be licensed as security in the province they perform those duties to vulnerable people.

If you are being offered financial help at every turn of the wheel then you may wish to find out first-hand if you are in someone’s will or if you are named in documents somewhere. You may wish to review first-hand if you are entitled to more in life than you were before. Many (connected people) volunteers can possibly hear rumours of who has or could receive new good things. I recommend a thorough review of your documentation when you get those feelings surrounding you. Sometime when I have time I plan on making recommendations to you on how to handle your mail when you have good income levels or make major changes in your life and you wish to feel secure. For example Canada Post is a good place to purchase money orders if you feel uncomfortable with a banking employee or cash handling place. Canada post is a government institution with a higher level of security than private organizations. They have many good methods of handling your information though it may include some fees to make it possible.

I recommend knowing how to use your version of windows or even having your e-mails forwarded to an e-mail account where you can view all your mail in a separate inbox than the one you subscribed to. You may wish to really know your Mac or Apple products when you switch to that after using Microsoft for a long time.  Both Microsoft and Apple have great security measures if you take the time to learn how they work and you are responsible yourself. I will update content when I can with the promise that as I learn the topics I choose to write about that I will let you know them.


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Never Impose on Others What You Would Not Choose For Yourself!

Confuscious-Ancient Chinese Proverb


Heatbleed topic..is it related to any of my posts?

I had a very close personal friend of mine share some of the Heart-bleed topic with me. It is in depth though I can’t disclose because I am not a professional researcher. I am just a tarot card reader with some political ideas I would like to see strong leaders here in Canada tackle. Here is a link!  http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/nsa-never-used-heartbleed-to-spy-white-house-says-1.2606960 Look it up if you can find the time! It shouldn’t cause you any issues to look at this link though I don’t have a professional blog.

Here in Alberta it looks like the former Premier is going to face issues head-on. I like to see someone take on whatever it is people throw at them! It isn’t easy to do despite what most people may think. For instance have you ever been from one part of the country where you are loved then travel to other places to find you are  hated?? Imagine if you are hated where your from because people accepted you where your at! Politics shouldn’t be just for the rich and the famous like in the old days. I am Conservative wherever I go and that to me could be anywhere that I wish to go!

I hope our former Premier would check out my blog for inspiration on where to go to find the individuals taking on her child friends colleagues etc….I do understand the issue a bit though blame can go in circles. I have been in many circles good and bad apparently when blame goes around though I don’t like rumour I would be like her and face it though I don’t have much of a smile right now. Good luck to Alison Redford I still support you!

Jacob OM 12

Learn What He Thinks

Keen ad visor


I have updated my Psychic Help Page

I have updated my Psychic Help Page with the following content. Please if you ever have some relevant content to share or you wish to post to my blog when I have developed it further then please contact me. I will be doing more with e-mail from here soon. I have been very preoccupied with many things as I developed some of my outside interests. I wish you well and have an excellent day!

Jacob OM 12

Updated better e-mail content

I am studying online for free how to improve my writing skills through ed2go. I am able to enroll for free into many courses which would normally cost me $139.00 outside of the library database. I am not sure how easy it would be for you to access the programs I get into because libraries are not the same city-to-city. Progressing in writing can be complicated for most people unless you have a strong interest in that topic. You can even find great comprehensive databases to access or even how to perform very good database searches. One other good cheap smart thing is when you have gone through some computer courses such as typing, Microsoft office or other topics which would be good to have if you were looking for government certification. You can take proficiency testing through a community college in the topics you learned for free or cheap avoiding many tuition fees.

You can find out many ways to look into developing your writing or communicating with psychic clients by looking into learning library resources. To make nice e-mails which you send out to your clients can include quotes or even paraphrasing other authors work. When paraphrasing other authors works or when you wish to include nice content of spiritual or topics you wish to share you should properly cite the content in the approved format such as MLA. Search techniques can always be improved so that you can develop your e-mail writing for the purpose of building client contact or getting your message out. I used to spend a lot of time just on finding quotes or material.

Using library databases may get you the option of using online dictionaries some people don’t have access to. You may also obtain great material from encyclopedia searches which also aren’t always available for free. Online links can sometimes be made available to you when you take little online course as well. When learning how to improve your writing you should also simultaneously learn how to use your office programs as well. Using your browser (s) should be a priority as well which is easy to do using your windows 7 or other applicable books you get . Internet functionality is easy to accomplish right at the library with help from staff.

As an example I can improve my security skills and obtain highly ranked skills just by learning the techniques I can pull together just to correspond with my keen clients. Online courses can give you a good education though you should work on the skills you need to be successful before you would attempt to enroll in an online paid tuition course. I would attempt a University course with some online courses if my online regimen was established as well as little success with using some of the necessary online skills such as I’m learning now.

If I were interested in learning how to really improve at developing content for spiritual e-mails I would look up the word library databases; I would also look at directories of libraries. You can find free help or publications available online through using these techniques. Mountain astrologer and many other publications can obtained through these methods as well as finding the information to perform or even further develop your skills to use for astrology functions or numerology skills.

If anyone ever wishes to see me develop my blogging on topics they are interested in then find a way of contacting me such as wishing to post your own relevant content etc. I am interested in many topics such as developing a professional psychic business on keen or outside of keen. I will be checking my messages more often beginning very soon. I have been sort of preoccupied lately though you are on my important list when I get a few of my things out of the way. Have an excellent day and take care!

Jacob OM 12

Dangerous sites..

Maybe I can find a link to sites which are more prone to individuals losing their personal information. If more people began distributing information like that then it wouldn’t be too hard to find out who the offenders were or narrow it down a bit online for parents. Sites where passwords get lost always get named as social networking. Could be more possibly individual loss from one or two people who have more information on their computers.

Some download sites would be a good place to look such as weird e-mail manager sites.  I personally think keeping your e-mails secure could just be having your internet provider supply you with your ad vice on that subject. Another thing would be to use Go Daddy. If  your kids had professional looking e-mails and more skills on the computer or started using Professor Teaches software to learn tricks or possibly using Mavis Beacon teaches typing or getting other safe software as well as learning to do their own installs all the better.

I saw at Staples yesterday you can buy a kind of stick thing where you can browse safely on the net. Also at Wal-Mart I saw you can purchase good sticks to clean your computer from malware. Possibly good for travellers! I guess parents have to have a lot to consider especially should or should not’s for what their kids learn online. I am mostly self-taught about computers and the safest place to get ad vice on any subject is through public libraries. I guess that is why Public Television gets support from the savviest entertainers.

Non profit should be looked into as sometimes the best place to start your topic searches for good techniques or otherwise..

Jacob OM 12

This is the link to my YouTube channel

I do intend on making a link to my YouTube channel in the sidebar widget when I have more time. I also would like to have others interested in placing content on my site contact me if possible. Jacob OM 12

*Adults interested in networking for good purposes only* This site is mostly and adult site for speaking on issues of interest to adults, Family etc..



1005 users

To be honest with you being followed on the web means a lot to me! Although I am not on Keen.com much anymore it is nice to have some people check-me-out even if it is a little impersonal unlike when I was reading over the phone-online daily. I’m looking into possibly featuring my blog on other listing services like Huffington Post though I don’t what the requirements would be (I have to look it up).

I’m studying writing through ed2go for free through my library on their site. My library which is all over the city in many locations and computers teaches database searching, writing, digital everything etc… I love learning how to  things better!

Maybe after a while I will be published more everywhere. Any suggestions give me a direction to follow. I now joined A. Coulters  site to get more connected into Conservative  issues which are on both sides of the border right now…. I don’t know much about Democrat issues because they are the official government so what I see is law though oppositional measures are mostly news topics until a proven event happens.

My main concerns which I speak about are the ways and means of terrorists. Identity theft and attacks on youth through underhanded networking are the result but not the finish. America will lead the way to a resolution of conflict if not in this moment but it will. I will continue to learn how to write, blog, network, study etc. until I am old most likely.

I hope you have a good day and thank you for being one of my more than one thousand readers. Good day!

Jacob OM 12


Information searches

Possibly required reading by those who engage in identity theft would be to not use plain internet search techniques learned at the local level. Another thing would be to make sure the information used wasn’t compiled through using little quick-search-tips learned through mail study courses work from home etc.. through unlicensed providers. In Alberta as an example you may be able to get a lot of information as a private individual though if there is a trail at a local or official level and documentation obtained wouldn’t match the criteria necessary to challenge a legally obtained document then their could be a lawsuit.

As an example if your information you compiled and obtained wouldn’t be completely documented as a real security person would (then blackmail) was your offensive defense than that is a little more than a summary offense. You may wish to use official legal services soon if you used outdated documents to obtain federal and provincial  information on Canadians or residents of Canada. Log ins to services which used those methods could be Jeopardy. A person who had a hard time defending themselves in the past could simply, possibly just hand back in their paperwork for review which has caused them trouble. Maybe, possibly…..

One more thing about relationships when you are in one and someone outside of the relationship provides information somewhere outside of the relationship and neither party in the relationship doesn’t register complaints etc. then when life insurance etc. comes into play later on the recipient of life insurance contract etc. may wish to provide more in depth documentation of the previously undocumented third-party allegations.

Using common-law status information documentation or legalities from other provinces then where you are as a resident may also make a list of lawsuits and even unlicensed investigations noteworthy. It would also be nice to see how often telephone conversations obtained through employees of telecommunications companies when they have grabbed things such as SIM cards used cloned SIM cards. If hand over by third party rather than through a search warrant or the item would have to be verified really well by the manufacturer. I would like to see someone publicized that in cases of social bullying where children gave up their confidence or even their life purpose or even their will to live. Then I would like to see someone with the confidence to take on the parents or (Adult) offenders in court as a possible National conspiracy before the next election.

Jacob OM 12


Security issues

Once I have my blog updated to include those two other new pages beginning my blog-building then I intend to ad vise on current or upcoming security issues of NA concern. I won’t violate anything though it could be interesting discussion for those interested in obtaining debate material. Maybe not mainstream media just over conversation. You may find me updating more frequently. I am getting more involved in local interest areas now that I have been in Edmonton a number of years. Community pride is throughout the West.

I really would like to generate some good material and keep building my Technorati presence. It looks like I’m listed as Technorati authority #1 under ocean but that might not represent much until I have generated reviews and more subscribers etc. I wish you the best and hopefully you will keep reading or referring. I intend on reading more of the Huffington Post material related topics I find as-well-as possibly reading what Ann Coulter has to say. I am not famous though topical research is interesting to me.

I am obtaining more security credentials to add to a public profile in case I take on more responsibilities. I wish you well and have a good day!

Jacob OM 12

Linking to rights cases

If anyone who views my blog and finds relevant content on here, or networking possibilities then please link to me, or ad vise on how I can increase my networking capabilities. I am not in the IT field, nor am I a professional writer! If I could become a little more savvy without selling out core beliefs than I would be happy to discuss anything I have to offer with anyone who will not harm any of my ideals or contacts.

I believe in inclusion though not making everyone fit into a homologous ideal. As an example that is a term you may be able to figure out, but because we are not under tremendous censorship laws than I won’t go too-in-depth editing my writing. Community doesn’t mean you have to let every established organization know your every movement either. If you take a look at the scandals that hit the Catholic Church, or the NHL you may remember that the bad guys all knew each other even if it seemed like it may have been complicated with how they connect. Networking among communities isn’t mandatory to be Canadian or have your own identity!

Being able to tell the truth when required is necessary even if it is a process. If you have been recorded for a matter of months, or years than I think eligibility of documentation should be more established by the individuals taking down the witness! Canadians should almost be able to have a referendum on a case example where witness validation is in comparison. To explain I believe to my utmost ability that major organizational networking tries to look good by procuring the right witnesses documentation etc… long in advance of the cases they knew they would face before hand.

Witnesses invalidation happens by major networking which if ever proved could be the Canadian case which would make the legitimacy of our country above and beyond its outer responsibilities….Just a thought!

Jacob OM 12

Three new pages to be published

This is OM 12 stating my intention of publishing three new pages which would include the following content: bullying article explaining in depth the Canadian cultural phenomenon, Canadian internet bullying cases, Canadian bullying cases…

I intend on focusing mostly on the Canadian issues which would include as much related content as possible. Adults involved in cases should be given some publicity though I will have to see if I can achieve this by networking with some activist groups. We shall see if I can find some interested helpers. I would like to see if there can be someone help me to have internet providers supply parents with the ad vice or information to track internet use of those who offend their family members anonymously or privately.

Their may not be enough publicity of these topics to achieve the results the federal government is looking to accomplish. The privacy law should be examined possibly to include if an individual can obtain some results of their computer or internet “stuff.” I would recommend that providers of e-mail addresses should do more than ad vise on how to recover lost passwords. I would suggest that e-mail providers store IP addresses of where e-mail accounts are opened where and when and possibly by whom. If you are allowed to know this and you find there is unwanted access then full internet profiles of offenders be published.

These would be simple recommends on how to facilitate some illegal spying on Canadians. I wish you well!

Jacob OM 12

Your personal ad visor

Safe online file storage:file conversion

As previously mentioned on the topic of how to work with keen.com mail etc. make fancier more beautiful e-mails on the site using online file converters such as jpg.net I haven’t had an issue with that site yet. I like using an online file convertor for ease of use though I do have some more advanced recommends here. With Corel or possibly other companies I haven’t spoken to yet you can use file conversion software which you can use so that your document can be usable for online work such as keen.com.. If you wish to be even safer online rather than using storage such as Flickr, or photo bucket you can use sky drive free from your Microsoft account. It is just a recommend because it is more private rather than social media. Works the same as described by my Microsoft contact.

Online uploads are safe because it works better with your Internet Explorer browser. Keen.com is saying that they  will be able to use IE 11 soon which is good news to IE users then you can use in private browsing by right clicking on your IE icon so that you are the only one who sees your content when using the library or coffee shop, Wi-Fi etc…

Jacob OM 12

Conservative Blogger

Updated content on Offering Advice Online Page

Safe Windows 7/8

My recommendations for basic safe start-up/set-up procedures to perform online work safely, for users of Windows 7/8 are going to be listed below. For one thing you should set up your security settings as recommended by a good Microsoft book which would include all Windows settings recommended as- well-as safe browser setting such as Internet explorer, or possibly Google Chrome which are my browser recommendations. Make sure you know where you download Chrome from just like any other download. You should also know how to safely use Chrome and IE with their recommendations.

Outside of those browsers I recommend please check your internet provider, for the local recommendations. That is important do to the fact that some work better in localities than some others. After your security settings are in place you can place your firewall/anti-malware programs into your computer! If your internet provider does offer that service than you can perform internet searches if they are recommended. Please don’t download anti-malware programs from Skype or mail.com etc…

*After your security settings are in place with recommended anti-malware which works/updates etc. then you add a user account/guest account which is simple to do if you have your Windows book. You should then check all your settings again before installing programs, for document making or saving passwords encryption etc. You should have your administrator account password protected with a password retrieval file which can be saved on a memory stick. Keep on a document all passwords, and online account resets which you update every time you make a change. You can then log into your online accounts easily by copying information from the document into your log in details, and please save the old passwords as well in case it is necessary for difficult password retrieval later. Corel has good password protection for your Corel documents or Office documents. You can safely send the document over the internet with opening instructions sent to the end viewer.*

When you download new anti-malware programs after completing recommended Windows security settings (from a Microsoft approved book) you may become a victim of third-party e-mail filtering which means you share your internet, or even your personal/private info with unknown, or known others. This is one hack method of blackmail groups that could be labelled extremists! Try to avoid using cell phones tablets, or smart phone technology which would incorporate SIM card technology! Especially if you update your twitter account or Linked-in profile from your smart phone! A different password for every account is not hard to manage if you use the safe account password method mentioned above. You can log into multiple accounts easily using separate tabs with the copy paste method from your saved document. If prompted for any downloads (recommended) you will most likely need to authorize unwanted changes to your computer. If you can’t recognize the publisher name in the download then scan the downloadable file before opening.

Books to set your windows computer up with everything you wish to read can usually be borrowed through your public library! I read a lot of books on the topics of computers or blogging/politics etc. regularly. It is exciting to get deeply involved in cyber security topics if you are a large or small online personality. My research started mostly because of the fact of having some security, and political credentials. My psychic work wasn’t the main topic often because I trusted my clients.

*Microsoft recommendation for products set-up on your computer using product keys* download product from the manufacturer’s server then use the product key. If the product key was purchased retail then don’t use OEM download option pick retail. You should then have a clean product on your computer! You should even run scans on software purchased at significant retail distributors before downloading. In a scan of software you shouldn’t find cookies and if you do phone the manufacturer for instructions on how to deal with this issue!

If you wish to check out more about where your information is you can look up the website information a bit more in-depth by copying the web site information from your address bar, or search bar and then paste into site information sites such as website. Informer…

If children use your computer and you wish for them to stay safe online even if they are up to 17 years old then there are some recommendations. Open a user account for them which they use *plus save browsing history somehow onto a document*  in case of harmful new friends gossip etc… once-in-a-while you should use your account to go onto a bad site where you can view harmful content which could either harm your computer, or be bad content! After doing some scary browsing then run recommended scans on your computer from your anti-malware provider as-well-as Microsoft as possible to know if other users are safe on there.

I have a few plans on how to Ad-Vise on these topics, or bring them into media responsibly. At this moment there is a great deal of work being performed on Cyber security in North America. Retailers as well as providers of online recreation could come in the spotlight do the fact of such things as gaming forums, or possibly unregistered users, or there may be an upcoming media event where your computer is registered if you’re Canadian such as matching your online profile. Your computer use may have to match account names, product keys, downloads, links, forum member names, IP address etc…

My recommendation for Canadians worried about hacking before you fall into that problem is to search using your own computer every possible detail on Conduit without downloading anything. After seeing all possible content on that fake browser, or browser add-on, search tool etc. then make sure you never visit any connected site. Report any activity that seems relevant to that name or individual sites which may connect to that or mail.com

My last recommendation is that if you use your internet provider’s malware program then also saves your modem log-in information on your browser favourites so that you can see any fake add-on computers or accessories such as drives!

Good luck with safe computer use and please remember to save a system image of your computer on a disc memory stick or other-wise to facilitate system recovery the way you wish rather than just picking a system restores date!


Jacob OM 12




When a person can research a case which is said to involve themselves for more than a decade questions can come up from the solid crowd. who, what, when, why, and how is typical though-form to  base some questions on. Cooperation from solid members of blackmail groups does sometimes happen. 2014 is a time for appraisal of those groups which used to post big things around the world and the net. I am trying to expedite time to look at 2015 without the use of the crystal ball, astrology etc….

If anyone of those members of those groups wish to help me with my political commentary developments please let me know. I would like to expand upon my political commentary page a little more so that I have good updated content on such things as the senate, and other topics such as security or internet bullying!

I would like to become the top blogger on conservative security issues in Canada as long as it is legal-legitimate-relevant to campaign topics. I would like to see a good strong race between the Conservative Party of course, Liberal Party, and the NDP. Unfortunately it always happen that in the last stretch some new undecided voters try to get a hold of a campaign. My big prediction towards that is that if you’re in the undecided this year looking towards next then do background checks (really good ones) on your leaders of the undecided.

Although there is a good margin of members look at who they are before you become official supporters. I have some knowledge of that topic sometimes available though I no longer hold onto that anymore. I wish you the best in 2014!

Jacob OM 12

Online research??’s

If you need to find where anything is, and you’re Canadian, or American there are some very good ways available to you. For starters if you’re a Canadian citizen, or American then you have quite a few avenues to choose from. You may wish to look anonymously though when you are trying to protect loved one’s. Citizen’s of USA or Canada can take the Penn foster program for private investigators and access almost every possible way of researching online or through any possible document available in either country!

You would most likely not have to become a real investigator but if you are trying to get your rights back for yourself or loved ones then you can start right there! You most likely won’t need  any help until you get into the most sensitive parts of your personal information. Most likely if you have those sort of troubles in your life it was a poser you unknowingly faced rather than an official.

Groups that need support such as security/investigators could save endless amounts of trouble and possible capital outlay by doing some research themselves even though a professional is most likely necessary for quicker accomplishments! Inexperience can cause trouble in itself but for some things self direction can help.

I  do hope that anyone who reads my blog and relates then have the best success in your endeavours!

Jacob OM 12