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It looks like I may receive some help possibly with editing for this my sort of personal blog. If that does take place than I can spend some time searching for content relevant to Psychics that like to learn how to obtain skills for Psychic protection or safe online networking. I would like to see professional Psychics get away from using insecure methods of communication as well as stop using poorly researched  information from sites like Wikipedia. It isn’t hard to use better information available through library technology.

Social media which can be quoted with citations is more accurate I believe by using services such as Yahoo news or National news websites. I like using BNN if I was to mention a current event related to finance or use WSJ online. I subscribe to WSJ online off ‘n’ on though not at the moment.

If you wish to obtain highly accurate information to build your psychic reputation than look up digital content at your library for better browsing. You would find your mind become clearer than ever when you connect to truth based information than clips of information which turn you away from long term hobbies or interests. For sake of expanding on that comment I will say that wasting time on websites which derive their quoted information beginning their circuitous internet route with http://www.globalresearch.ca/ your mind will bend in the wrong direction especially if you find the information exciting somehow. You may wish to look up the word extremism or possibly fallacy to put that website in a proper category.

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examples of a real search engine URL

Real Google URL examples



If you return to your home page which is Google it should come up like that if it is a search page. When there is more information after the / forward slash then you are being redirected. Please if you research this topic further that in your internet options it should look like that as well. It shouldn’t need add-in characters even if recommended on chat forums.

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When making decisions for family members brochures are not the seal the deal information. You must research everything you need to do or the possible whatever’s when moving family members long distance for any reason. If changing jobs make sure you really know your doing a smart move. Local or regional government offices will not do the research for you though you may find some information. It looks like I recently saw an article which says something to the effect of most people aren’t finding the information they properly request under the freedom of information act.

So remember it is not like the days of old when you had to fear the government because you may need to be almost your own official on occasion. You can do this possibly if you have the tools of internet research as well as how to safely handle documents as well as how to safely store your documents with password protected storage and handle your own computer security. Sites like E-how.com are good for computer related issues which may keep you safer online by fixing your own software issues.

Checking your Wi-Fi security could be a good topic once-in-a while to keep up-to-date on. Other topics are DATA or knowing where the folders on your computer are or possibly even system information. I hope the Conservative government can pass the legislation they wish to because they seem to be on track with not just placing bad labels on people but using information from legitimate authority rather than using former hackers on internet safety.

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Bad content (bullying)

If you ever wondered how extremely brilliant arguments you’ve had with individuals that can quote argue bully and make you feel dumb happen. Individuals that steal your children’s glory or your very own may possibly be distributing garbage information which they can reference and cross reference from many sources with ease. You may feel overwhelmed when dealing with information experts like that but dangerous content is out there I can publish a dangerous site URL here that makes everyone look bad that uses it.

*Warning- Bad Website listed below*


*Warning- Bad Website listed above*

This is an example of content that people that won’t work to pay bills that could possibly be interfering in the economy of legitimate business. I don’t like dealing with an argument caused by users of web information like this. I personally would rather use data-base research verified through standard library techniques rather than the buyer beware method of just Googling it. I personally like Yahoo for my social media searching which is more family friendly and not so hard on the stars.

If I use MSN I seem to have more computer issues as if I had been using Skype. At one time I went from being listed as number 140 in the featured listings of Keen.com to being number 1 for a very low cost by advertising for $5.00-$12.00 per day. On Google I couldn’t ever have accomplished that. I do get good information through Google though it can sometimes be too broad of an internet search with possibly less safety.

It looks like most information that gets pulled up in searches when you just use a search engine is most viewed content rather than best-researched. That is why if you watch over your children’s online use data-base searching will help develop them more in a positive way. Spending hours a day on a computer will not harm a child unless it is the blurry vision stuff if they work in this manner.

Joining a networked library with good data-base or digital content will overcome much of the issues online users have. You may wish though to visit the library yourself to know which one you wish your children to visit. It is not in the best interests of family members to just get recommendations by sources that just browse online. Face-to-face contact with those that administer city programs is necessary to be seen and not heard parents.

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Work in Saudi Arabia

Before signing contracts to work in Dubai Saudi etc. check with those countries first if there embassy officials endorse your contract providers. I believe Saudi and Dubai can work legitimately in Canada and the USA though many scams can be hard to place unless you deal with an embassy itself early in the process.

If you are in the process of finding a good job in North America you may wish to start there rather than getting involved in foreign contract work unless you have known people that have worked with those contractors. Being referred by beautiful new friends when you feel uncomfortable shouldn’t be too scary to perform a little more research yourself.

I believe every contractor or company that does international hires for Dubai or Saudi can be located quite easily. Job ads may not reflect the real thing sometimes so beware. Right now Canadian or American identification can be important to foreign businesses or scammers from here.

Saudi Arabia is known for hiring Canadians and Americans that never have issues. They also try to attain the highest of standards for their children in education. They hire teachers all the time on contract. You may wish to contact teachers that have worked overseas in a country your researching. Union jobs here are looking pretty good now that big contracts are opening up in oil and gas on both sides of the border with the new pipelines.

Maybe look at expanding your career options here first than taking a look outside of North America. I am kind of curious if anyone knows of any issues related to going on vacations which advertise all-inclusive to China with Mainland destinations priced from Edmonton International starting from $299.00 Canadian. I most likely couldn’t fly to Winnipeg for that price let alone be all inclusive. I did notice the advertisements in the Epoch times which seems to be a local Edmonton paper which publishes revolutionary ideas. I hope the travel industry does regulate ads for vacations which aren’t registered with Canadian authorities.

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ACN (avoid using this service or users of this service)

You should check out RipOffReport which is on my sidebar and look things like ACN or Hamas to know why you have internet scams in your neighbourhood. Users of this service may also sometimes network like cults which go un-noticed except for when groups like the Boston Bombers etc. have some success. ACN is a recommended tool for avoiding being recognized online by extremist groups like Anonymous which do inform on others until caught in fake government scams such as work-from-home setups for single mom’s or work out of country never to return. etc.

Some things to report to authorities are when you notice vehicles pulled to the side of the road with occupants texting or using their laptop or devices. If you wouldn’t invite those occupants to the home beware of soliciting of children online or at school or parks etc. Banning unregistered internet service providers could possibly reduce groups from performing their workings unnoticed.

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Infiltrating online gangs

One way of forming a community group to infiltrate online gangs is to acquire the website information or necessary download lists a computer needs to be actively posting or safely downloading the illegal content. Once there your group can form a network where  you find out how people acquire the information to find out who may possibly be a legitimate  witness on cases which protect children directly or indirectly. The online gangs already have that and work to invalidate everything they know by discrediting them through community action of their own. If you find connections between them then focus there and rightly so when you find people who falsely portray themselves as gov. connected then you are most likely being identified as a target. Invalidation of witnesses in big sex cases starts by connecting discredited witnesses in statements which will be overwhelming to anyone on a witness list. I love Canada but there is so much community involvement in law that anyone who is legitimate will face foreign embassy unregistered staff even if they never request to do so for any purpose. Recently as an example immunity was a local topic where an embassy official in Canada of a foreign country was caught with a slave in their home. That was found out but the family of slave owners was allowed I believe to stay immune. That may usually go unreported in most countries though I believe Canada usually tries to have some transparency into slavery cases. The slave trade which operates through asia and Canada and may include involvement in cases in the US where women are found to be hostages in homes for decades. I believe some of these major cases are still coming out because of the NHL doing their part or even honesty in the Catholic community.

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Private Investigation (Child bullying)

If there is continuous bullying of your child at school or on the internet I will most likely be posting on how to prevent this from advancing into tragedy very soon. There is relevance to the current party leadership of PC Alberta and Conservative Party of Canada which is inspiring. You will find out on here where you could possibly form a community group to attack child bullying where it originates rather than your children’s school frustrating you because of legal changes in the last few decades.

Stay at home never having ever worked before parents used to be called by different names and I am not saying single mothers that our Canadian government responsibly admires. Sex offenders that remain unregistered because of things like bullying children online or encouraging other children to attack your good children is a topic which should be mentioned more often. Single mom’s are not in a position to protect their children with the level of hostility and illegal drugs like Crystal Meth unregistered sex offenders are supplying to mean kids.

Current laws which need to be passed to protect online identities our government is looking into are being picked up as topics in European countries which are NATO members in good standing. The US is offering to protect DATA of Europeans now which is necessary because of the current stand-off. If you pay attention to these topics you can see the individuals who may be going online hurting your children when the US is getting involved in relevant topics which countries known as friendly spies couldn’t protect DATA.

If anyone knows of any community sites where I could post the relevant sites they would wish to protect their children or families from I have a list of them. If anyone wishes to know how to identify areas where not to make friends online with I have a few of those as well that also threaten blackmail on occasion and don’t understand at first those that don’t roll that way.

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Going online to look at customer reviews of technology can lead you in the right direction towards saving on necessary technology. I kept looking up SD cards which are used as memory for devices such as cameras or cell phones if I am posting on this topic correctly. I went on numerous websites after consulting a few people in local technology stores. I went online and looked up princess auto to view the SD cards which is a favorite store of mine though exact product or pricing information wasn’t available on their site. I went on numerous other sites but surprisingly Wal-Mart was a good buy for the 64 GB SD card I saw from the manufacturer. Less than $40.00 for an Android compatible SD card looked good. I hope to obtain one at that price and begin storing music on my android rather than pay for data all the time. I may not trend on things since my posted topics are a little behind the times but older generation individuals may find some interesting things on my site or those interested in topics of family security.

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Offering Advice online Page

I updated my offering advice online Page with this content

You can obtain better more relevant content through database searching then using google or other search engine searched websites. You can get into database searching usually by starting using your browser and best search engine techniques though you ultimately will be better off finding your content derived from databases which have magazine listings or newspaper articles encyclopedia listings and books such as audio and print. You can start at your library and ask the librarian how to get into database searching or possibly getting into a more major library network even if it takes a small subscription fee. You may even be able to do what I do and take fee-free courses which are normally pay type courses on ed2go a qualified instructor centred course.

You can begin researching many more topics in that manner if you have good research skills such as the Boolean method though it may not be that necessary to get too deeply involved in that method if you’re already getting good information  in your searches. You could possibly go from being a low price marketed advisor to discussing topics online or posting more often on YouTube etc. or appearing on television if you get the right information or your opinion is better developed than your peers. For example I am researching everything from the Russian/Ukraine crisis to the temporary foreign workers program US politics the senate or even topics of extremism and guns deriving from multiple sources such as magazines newspapers books print/audio and endless other ways which I am learning now since developing my online skills beginning in 2009.

Now my blog is more of a personal blog because my skills are still undeveloped without much time spent on editing. I have a full schedule of full-time work and part-time Psychic as well as online learner/developer. I did step into psychic management for a while though most of my skills I employed then are now outdated. I have updated my skills to the point of where I can now build a simple website or webpage to post on Keen.com or even possibly a website on the net. At some point through developing this domain name I hope to attract other psychics to post on here by their psychic online identity or professional writers when I obtain professional editors. I hope to obtain help soon on how to develop my blog more by the time the major provincial and federal elections heat up.

One thing I noticed lately is since I downloaded the online game World of Warcraft my computer and related security technology seem to work better. Downloads are important in how your computer functions and you should at least know if your computer operates with a legitimate copy of Windows or Mac with appropriate browsers etc. Sometimes that can change un-noticed if you have been on Skype or you start learning about Pyriform or someone accesses Mail.com etc. from your computer or you communicate with someone that is using fishy web/internet technology like ACN.

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1990 Subscribers

Hopefully I can attain the 2000 subscriber mark by the end of the day today. My original goal for my personal blog was 2000 subscribers so that I could post relevant content to my valued clients, or to attract new clients to my part-time Psychic business which used to be my full-time occupation. I do hope to go on more often now that I work for a better company with more flexible hours better, and more reliable benefits I hope and other good things which a worker needs to make ends meet.

It was very difficult for quite some time to even connect with those that matter to me online or outside of my online work because of negative employer decisions. I am now in the process of escaping some of those issues though time will tell. I love working in the transportation field which my past includes security in that industry as well as some maintenance skills which I can still perform in a limited capacity.

Trucking is more of an industry for truck-drivers not the executive branch of foreign countries to make their mark in North America. The temporary foreign workers program is possibly dominated by foreign government decisions which can lead to harassment in the workplace or too much foreign involvement in legitimate government programs.

I will post on here that I support the Conservative Party of Canada and PC Alberta which I hope to volunteer and my name is in to support candidates of such parties. I would like to become  a sort of advocate for those who feel discriminated by foreign government involvement in local and federal decisions though that can be dangerous when you look at the Ukraine and Russia or possibly even the TFW program which is the most pertinent topic or even the overthrowing of governments which contribute to the food industry or related TFW programs.

In a little while I will be posting on one of my pages how to attain better researched information for Psychics to use in their daily quest to make it in the Psychic business. I love it when I can go online undisturbed as  a ranked Keen advisor. And if you are one of my callers than you will know that I do enjoy what I do even when I use my tell it what it is style like I believe it should be.

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Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself-

Confuscious- Ancient Chinese Proverb




Political Blogging

Though I am a blogger in the amateur sense without an editor staff or numerous followers I believe I have acquired enough resources (material) as well as device security information to blog on how to become a more fully developed blogger on your issues that you wish to present to your local or federal politician. You could be from the US or Canada and develop yourself a little more online as either a work from home person such as online psychic advisor or even just a political activist or community volunteer.

I can blog on topic of some or most computer security issues and where to find the information you need to do so safely using Microsoft products and some special featured non MS products. I have gone to great lengths developing my writing which is still unprofessional though I have found the necessary topics you must encounter to achieve basic credentials. If you wished for your family to be safe online I can just outline a few safe considerations right now.

If you  use Windows then right from their main site you can browse and search for credential manager which will enable you to protect all your online accounts if you have Microsoft ID which could be as an example Hotmail account. You could forward all your account mail to your outlook or windows live supported mail accounts. You could then easily respond to all your online account mail from one easy to use place.

You can use Corel for all your file converting including encrypting or password protecting your documents. You can password protect your Hard drive itself if need-be. You can buy La Cie USB portable memory devices which are also military reliable devices though I haven’t seen that claim about them though you will agree if you read the link I put in the sidebar.

If you do like I did and purchased your computer from DELL you can come with your computer pre-loaded with anti virus software and many other gadgets. Purchase the extra product protections offered and hopefully purchase ongoing software support which can even provide monitoring of your windows computer to know if there were unwanted changes.

You can have a restore stick for your computer which is a lot nicer to use to restore your computer than numerous discs and it is just step-by-step. I wish everyone knew how to completely restore their computer without using a system restore point. You should have password protection on your computer as well as have a guest account. You should never let anyone other than yourself alter or have access to your administrator account. Guest only for anyone else!

Dell has some pretty fancy gadgets available to MS users. I like seeing the Dell Stage during my start-up or the other features which I change once in a while as well as My Dell which is good for doing system diagnosis. If you don’t wish to fix your own computer than Dell software support will take care of it for you. I have limited knowledge of Apple products because of my own personal budget and my research time available. I am not an Apple basher though  I consider myself an MS user.

Those topics should guarantee you some online safety if you set up your computer with recommended settings from a good Windows book. Keeping your computer up to date is mandatory. You can learn your browser by borrowing a good Windows book from the library for your version. I recommend that if you are going to publicize content in general or specific formats that you use your library database or learn some database searching rather than just gathering from numerous websites. It is easier to verify the content in that manner rather than wasting research time. Your library may have items you can borrow on the topic of using library research methods which are the best methods because librarians are the most available and relevant researchers you will most likely meet.

As an example my library has many databases and fee free courses which would cost you plenty by going direct to the online schools. To represent an idea needs good research methods as well as long term interest or stamina to stay focused. Have a good day!

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Jim Prentice for PC leadership

After attending a PC Alberta event where Jim Prentice presented himself very well I feel he could count on my vote. The main thing I felt most comfortable about his approach to Alberta politics is returning Alberta to a more stable politics rather than the seeming of have to respond to every internet inquiry or twitter comment out there. Leadership was the key word I picked up on during his natural speech. Nothing fancy I feel though he was an Albertan speaking to an all-Albertan crowd.

He has five main points of how to lead voting and non-voting Albertans to a better stable life. I felt a sense of confidence as well as he didn’t have to go back into his presentation or stumble. I would like to see  him become our Premier and return Albertans back to working on their families lives rather than having to address everyone else’s issues before taking care of their own loved one’s.

Myself I would put my money where my mouth is and further research with my limited resources the topics related to what I would need to do. I will vote for him as PC Alberta leader and I do intend on offering my limited support in 2016 when Albertans will be challenged by local voters as well as international topics guaranteed to need leadership to address them on behalf of Albertans. Children and families came up as topics which caught my interest which I feel he was offering a cure rather than a Band-Aid.

I guess that’s it for me today I hope to offer more content in the next week to two weeks of some interest.

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Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself!

Confucius – Ancient Chinese proverb


Password protect your flashdrive this way

I recommend not downloading free password protection software from untested internet sources. You can buy password protect reliable USB devices from manufacturers though finding out how and where may be hard checking out chain-stores. I looked into this topic though most manufacturers which are popular with chain stores don’t supply devices which operate with the most sensitive data USB memory devices. At one camera store in my city I found this device as well as other devices by the same manufacturer. Unfortunately it is a little more expensive most likely because of reliability or the fact that it would be military reliable. https://www.lacie.com/ca/products/product.htm?id=10603

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Some people do the right thing.

Look up this area as much if you can if you research the topic of missing American Children. There are a lot of things related to that topic which go unreported in that area. Informing is a dangerous topic there as well where blackmail exists openly on twitter and Facebook open child bullying by adults as well.


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Godaddy (child-trafficking) Safe sites


I think a way government could guarantee some online safety for children and a way of attacking human trafficking is to make a law on using some or all of the methods of securing website information by mimicking Go daddy or Word Press. I blog using their services and can’t see how anyone could illegally attack society through those services without facing scrutiny by reputable authority.

They verify their customers (publishers of internet content) and connect their customers to better serviced products as well as they have 24 hour customer service. They don’t use fake IP’s or will take down websites which publish extreme content. They are recommended to me by word of mouth internet and TV. I love their service and used them every time since attending a free conference way back when.

Servers or online storage as well as marketing could be the main way of attacking human traffickers even when they do so from proxy servers etc. or just deleting bank account id’s such as corporate id’s internationally which would allow those people to keep going online. Otherwise I feel that is how the current US administration is attacking countries which promote sexual extremism online.

One more way would be doing things like shutting down companies like ACN which provide telephone internet etc. through multilevel marketing which can evade some forms of government monitoring. Police find it hard to locate owners of ACN multilevel marketing companies which could be unregistered or not have usernames which can be understood. One way of allowing ACN to operate like other companies would be to register their businesses with by-law agencies in the cities their managers operate in.

An ACN company approved company could cause a lot of trouble from what a source advised me about!

Don’t run when troubles get to be too much!

Elect responsible leaders! Jacob OM 12


Information request

I am researching the topic of information request so I can find out how to find the real owners of websites which publish content harmful to Canadian children. It may take awhile though the funny thing is hosting of websites which stores enough information on how to connect to computers which actually store enough information on the hard drive that when accessed can send out their location like a beacon to another computer. (forensics)

Another method was the Surrey method where someone grabbed some other computer or purchased it before it was wiped and passed it on. With the current level of security threats in Canada which I will speak of is the ongoing successful ones which only operate long-term when someone is in the process of identifying others. On some controversial websites I have bear-witnessed to their is already discussions for many months regarding the topics of cloned SIM cards and proxy servers as well as companies operating their own servers for storage of phone conversations messaging etc.

That was discovered for some time and is a very big topic on those controversial websites. Currently those posers out there who are still bullying children and the Canadian government is leading the way and preparing cases of long old debates of exploitation success is being discussed though extremist events are the danger. I believe a confident leader is necessary in Canada with good experience and identifying the softer well educated contributors to extremism is mandatory.

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It seems like the  Credential manager in your Windows 7 may be enough to manage passwords in case of forgetfulness. If you apply your settings to your online or computer based accounts which would make password recovery easy then you can use your Credential manager which you can link to an online account.

If you have questions regarding that topic you can go onto the Microsoft support site and look-up Credential manager. It would be helpful to really know your accounts and have the knowledge on using your F-keys to perform things like simple maintenance of your computer or restoring your computer to factory settings with your manufacturer provided discs. It is easier than most people think.

E-how could be the tech site to start your search or favorite blogs or YouTube to see the more important how-to’s….

A tech explained to me the other day that almost any tech can help ad vise or place password protection on your computer accessory hard-drives flash drives which are USB driven. I recommend that if I can’t properly explain in the next few weeks or so on here the in’s “n” outs of that procedure than you obtain help doing so. If someone obtains your USB portable memory devices than you will lose your important info or pictures saved work etc….

If you are looking for a job than try to scan your documents at home before using other unknown locations. Printing and scanning etc. can be important depending on the potential level of income you could possibly obtain in your desired position. A printer can be a job saver if you perform your own typical easy to learn office procedures. Some office store equipment could have memory of your documents.

For quick recalls of passwords you could possibly have  a wallet card which has been laminated with password hints though I haven’t used that method. If anyone has acquired information of quick methods tricks then e-mail me the blog link so that I can publish the methods for on-the-go ways of accessing multiple accounts problem free.

For public Wi-Fi users there is software for purchase at chain stores which suggest safe online activity if properly used. You can also use in-Private browsing with Internet explore by right clicking on the Explorer icon. You may have to look up in-Private browsing to see the features offered with in-Private browsing. That’s it for me for now I wish you a safe and happy day.

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Good e-mail account providers

I would like to spend some time this week researching the suppliers of good e-mail accounts as well as the top or up ‘n’ coming browsers functions. I believe having separate Apple and MS accounts could  be good and please do keep both separate as much as possible. Multipurpose may not always be best though with experience online fun could come back in the mind of public that follows loss of information or topics such as internet bullying or identity theft when loved ones have suffered.

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